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Top 5 Tips To Build Your Influence On Social Media

So you want to be a rock superstar? And live large. A big house. Five cars… OK slow down there Cypress Hill… we’re not promising that building your influence on social media is going to grant you celebrity status. But there’s no doubt that investing a little bit of time and effort in capturing people’s attention on social media has the potential to pay significant dividends for you.

Whether you want to build a business, find a new job, meet someone special, or ask for help with something that’s important to you, you need someone’s attention first & foremost.

With that in mind, here are our Top 5 tips to help build your audience, and influence, on social media.

Pick The Platforms That You Like The Most & Post On Them Frequently

There are A LOT of social media platforms… Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat… the list goes on. And while in an ideal world, you’d be on all of them, there’s only so many hours in the day!

So pick the platforms that you resonate with the most, and then make sure you post on them frequently. Posting every day is best to ensure you align with the daily consumption habits & routines of your followers, but if that’s not realistic for you, pick a posting frequency and stick with it.

Consistency is absolutely essential when trying to build real influence with your audience. If your followers are looking for your content, you need to deliver.

Share Your Authentic Self

We all know BS when we see it… and your followers, and potential new followers, are no different. Posting content that isn’t authentic to who you are will seriously undermine your influence. Plus you’ll miss out on sharing the parts of you that make you unique. Don’t be afraid to be your authentic self on social media… you’ll resonate with more people than you think.

Treat Your Followers Like Family (Or At Least Good Friends)

It’s called “social” media for a reason. So connect with people, engage with your audience and get social! Make sure you respond to DMs, reply to comments, jump into comment threads on other people’s posts that catch your eye, and just generally treat people on social media the way you want to be treated in real life.

Oh, and remember that when you’re creating content, create it for your audience, not for you. Does your content help solve a problem they may have? Does it inspire them? Entertain them? Educate them? Add as much value as you can. You’ll be surprised how much it is appreciated.

Don’t Freeze Trying To Create Content… Document Instead

While it would be nice to be perpetually inspired to create amazing content everyday, it’s just not going to happen. So instead of falling victim to “Content Creators’ Block” and posting nothing for weeks on end because you just can’t come up with the next post, switch to documenting instead.

Show your followers some of your day to day activities... your morning routine, your daily meals, your workouts, your work day…  You’ll think your usual activities are inherently boring (you do them everyday, afterall!), but they’ll be new & entertaining to your audience.

Sometimes documentaries outperform even the biggest blockbuster hits!

Work With The Algorithms, Not Against Them

Keep up to date with different trends on social media platforms and use them to your advantage. If you notice Instagram is pushing Reels over everything, create Reels. If you notice YouTube is favouring Shorts over long form videos, create Shorts. If you notice people prefer consuming Stories over Feeds, post in Stories.

Don’t get caught up doing things a certain way because it’s the way they’ve always been done. Be open to experimenting with new types of content and new types of posting within different platforms. Every algorithm change is an opportunity for you to build your audience and influence.

And finally, don’t be afraid to repeat the same things to different people. The way social media algorithms all work is to show your content to about 3-5% of your audience at any one time. Which means while you may think you’re being repetitive, most of your audience is always going to be seeing your content for the first time. Think of yourself like a rock superstar playing your greatest hits… oh wait, perhaps Cypress Hill was right afterall!