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Best Supplements For AFL Football

Footy season is here, and every player knows it's a game of inches. When it comes to improving your performance and speeding up recovery, the right supplements can give you that edge. Let’s dive into our top picks for AFL football, with a key focus on aiding recovery and boosting performance.

Protein Power for Recovery

After those gruelling 2-hour games and intense training sessions, your muscles need the right fuel to recover. A good quality protein powder is your go-to solution here. It helps repair muscle tissue and supports muscle growth, ensuring you're able to back it up next week.

Carb Up For Endurance

Sustained energy is key during games and long pre-season sessions. Incorporating carbohydrates in the form of a carb powder or energy gel during your quarter or half time breaks will provide your body with the fuel it needs to sustain energy levels, helping you stay at the top of your game throughout.

Pre-Game Boost With Caffeine & Beta Alanine

Before walking onto the ground, a smart pre-game supplement can give you that extra edge. Look for a pre-workout blend that includes a moderate amount of caffeine for energy and improved reaction time. Beta Alanine is another must-have ingredient as it boosts endurance by buffering lactic acid, helping you run out the game strong.

Explosive Power With Creatine

To amp up your explosiveness on the field, creatine is your secret weapon. It enhances your ability to sprint, jump, and fend off like Dusty Martin, making you a better player overall. Adding creatine to your supplementation can significantly boost your performance across all aspects of your game.

Supplementing smartly can significantly impact your performance and recovery as a footy player. Add these supplements into your pre, intra and post-game routine, and watch yourself rise to new heights on the field.

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